Feeding 5,000… well almost!

Today is one of those days that I am so proud to be the director of The Family Center, I am so proud to be with this wonderful organization.  Today was a mobile food pantry day. Let me set this up for you.  20,000 pounds of food comes from a food bank in Nashville called… Continue reading Feeding 5,000… well almost!

Because poverty comes in all shapes and sizes

Many of my favorite stories take place within our thrift store “Common Threads”.  It is an extension of the Family Center and helps us to reach more people in need.  The store is a story in itself so I thought it only proper to tell you about it before I tell you the tales of the… Continue reading Because poverty comes in all shapes and sizes

Tires from God

It is not uncommon to receive a call from a church wanting to know how to help someone.  Many times the request for help is not something the church can do in the confines of their sanctuary or offices and we are called on for advice or collaboration when dealing with poverty in our community.  Just as there… Continue reading Tires from God