This is what we do

As the Executive Director, I do not normally get a chance to interact with the people we serve. I am usually stuck in my office with stacks of paper all over my desk (and floor), moving from one project to the next or applying for a new grant. Every once in awhile you might see… Continue reading This is what we do

Homeless, yet he gave so others could eat.

We have homeless in our little community. Not a lot, but  we have them.  People are homeless for lots of reasons; loss of job, drug or alcohol issues, mental health issues.  Some are homeless for a long time, some for just a little bit. Many move on when they find we don’t have a shelter… Continue reading Homeless, yet he gave so others could eat.

400 turkeys… because yes, we are crazy!

I didn’t want to get up this morning, I will admit it.  It was cold outside, raining and we spent 3 hours begging for candy the night before.  My feet hurt, my head hurt, the bed was really warm, I sneezed….  I had lots of excuses.  However, the reality was… today is Turkey Box sign up day.… Continue reading 400 turkeys… because yes, we are crazy!

Feeding 5,000… well almost!

Today is one of those days that I am so proud to be the director of The Family Center, I am so proud to be with this wonderful organization.  Today was a mobile food pantry day. Let me set this up for you.  20,000 pounds of food comes from a food bank in Nashville called… Continue reading Feeding 5,000… well almost!

She cried, because she cares so much

When I got out of the car, the first thing I noticed were her eyes; puffy and red from crying.  I couldn’t see the tears because the rain drops were mixed in, but they were there… she was crying. It was 8:00 on a Monday morning in the parking lot of Ross and TJ Maxx. … Continue reading She cried, because she cares so much

Because poverty comes in all shapes and sizes

Many of my favorite stories take place within our thrift store “Common Threads”.  It is an extension of the Family Center and helps us to reach more people in need.  The store is a story in itself so I thought it only proper to tell you about it before I tell you the tales of the… Continue reading Because poverty comes in all shapes and sizes

Tires from God

It is not uncommon to receive a call from a church wanting to know how to help someone.  Many times the request for help is not something the church can do in the confines of their sanctuary or offices and we are called on for advice or collaboration when dealing with poverty in our community.  Just as there… Continue reading Tires from God

In our parking lot

I first met David and his silver sedan on a warm summer Sunday morning.  I forgot my Sunday School curriculum on my desk and had to get it before church started.  I was running late (and obviously not prepared) so I couldn’t stop and talk but it was obvious he had been sleeping in his car, he nodded and… Continue reading In our parking lot